SGM Holds Soka Women Successors General Meeting

30 Nov 2019

On November 30, 2019, SGM held the Soka Women Successors (SWS) general meeting at the SGM Selangor Culture Centre which was attended by 753 leaders of the women’s and young women’s divisions.

The meeting started with representatives of the women’s division (WD) and young women’s division (YWD) presenting an elegant and joyful dance. Later, the participants watched a video of SGI President Ikeda’s guidance in which he spoke of the greatness of Chinese revolutionary leader Mdm Deng Yingchao and her mother Yang Zhende.

After that, WD representatives Foo Siew Eng, Hiew Lee Yoon, Ho Lee Choo, and YWD representatives Koh Wei Chaw and Yap Yee Chin shared their faith experiences and how they overcame obstacles appearing in their lives, greatly inspiring the participants.

Next, SGM WD leader May Chan and SGM YWD leader Magdelyn Choo announced SGM’s goals for 2020. They encouraged the members to hold small-scale meetings, continue introducing people to Nichiren Buddhism and carry out home-visits in order to expand the solidarity of women.

May Chan also announced a fresh departure for the Kaho Group for the sake of fostering even more capable people. All WD members aged 49 and below will become members of this group in this new era.

Finally, SGM General Director Koh Sia Feai took the stage and expressed his appreciation to the Soka women in SGM for their efforts in expanding the ranks of kosen-rufu for the past many years.

Before the meeting ended, all participants joined together and sang two songs, namely Nanguo de Taiyang (The Southern Country Sun) and Qingchun de Rongguan (The Crown of Youth). United in spirit as sisters-in-faith, the Soka women vowed to boldly stride into the new era of women.

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