Kuala Lumpur and Terengganu Hold “Seeds of Hope” Exhibitions

21 Nov 2019

On November 20 and 21, 2019, the “Seeds of Hope” (SoH) exhibition was held at SJKC Batu 9, Cheras as part of the school’s activity which aimed to spread hope among the students and teachers.

In the launching ceremony, principal Chuah Soo Cheng expressed his gratitude to SGM for providing materials in educating students about protecting the environment, upholding justice, and creating peace which has widely opened the students’ view of the world.

SGM also donated books written by SGI President Ikeda, videos and other written works to the school.

SJKC Batu 9, Cheras

This exhibition was narrated by 65 students to some 1,600 people. One of the narrators, Hew Zhi Fei, said she had done something meaningful as she was able to inspire people to be more concerned about protecting the environment.

Several visitors also expressed their wish to do more for Mother Earth, listen to those who suffer discrimination and do things that they never thought possible.

SJKC Chung Hwa in Jerteh (part of Besut district) in Terengganu held the SoH on October 10, with the full support of principal Ong Bee Yong. She said that it was a comprehensive exhibition that triggers viewers’ desire to protect the environment. The chairman of the school’s Parents-Teachers Association, Ong Siew Peng, also suggested that the exhibition be shown to the local community at large as well.

SJKC Chung Hwa, Jerteh

Twenty-two students narrated for some 250 people. Narrator Owi Shir Lyn said that other than building confidence and patience, she also learnt about the Earth Charter and the importance of safeguarding Mother Earth.

The exhibition has planted the “seeds of hope” in the hearts of these emissaries of the future.


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