SGM Selangor Visits Rohingya Refugee Children

21 Sep 2019

In response to SGI President Ikeda’s call to protect the dignity and lives of refugees as mentioned in his 2019 Peace Proposal, 20 SGM Selangor members visited Madrasah Madrasah Darul Muttaqin Maa’ Tahfizul Quraan located at Jalan Meru, Klang, Selangor, which is a religious boarding school for Rohingya refugees, on September 21, 2019.

In a related development before the visit, an exhibition of artworks by refugee children around the world was held in Kobe, Japan. Children from Soka Gakkai families were moved by these drawings and wanted to convey their best wishes for the refugees via drawings as well.

On the day of this visit, SGM members showed the Rohingya children the drawings of the Soka Gakkai children distributed stationery, which included colour pencils, notebooks and drawing paper, contributed by Soka Gakkai members. The visitors also performed dikir barat with the Rohingya children as part of their interaction with them.          

In responding to the goodwill of the SGM and Soka Gakkai members, the Rohingya children created more drawings to convey their heartfelt gratitude and appreciation.

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