SGM Perak Hosts Oral Health Awareness Campaign

18 Aug 2019

On August 18, 2019, SGM Perak organised a campaign with the Kinta District Oral Health Office to increase the awareness of maintaining good oral health. On that day at the SGM Perak Culture Centre, dental check-up services were provided free-of-charge for visitors and enquiry booths were set up. 

Dentist Dr Wong Xin Nan gave a talk on dental hygiene, in which she spoke on evaluating the services of a dentist and making a correct decision, and shared the consequences of uncertified “dentists” using non-sterilised tools. Dr Wong also warned that these illegal practitioners often use sub-par dental braces, which can increase the risk of gum bleeding, and inferior teeth whitening strips which can result in gum bleeding, swelling and bacterial infection.

The audience gained considerable knowledge on oral care.

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