SGM Celebrates 5535 Anniversaries in June Discussion Meetings

30 Jun 2019

In the month of June, SGM celebrated the 55th anniversary of Malaysian kosen-rufu and 35th anniversary of the establishment of SGM (“5535”) by holding “5535 discussion meetings” in each block across the whole nation. In these meetings, President Ikeda’s congratulatory message for the anniversaries (published in full in the June 2019 issue of COSMIC) were read out and participants viewed a special video and shared victory reports, among others.

In a discussion meeting held on June 12, at a block in the Lido district of Kepayan chapter near Kota Kinabalu, the region leader encouraged members to always uphold the unity of many in body, one in min and to always remember the contributions of our pioneers. A women’s division (WD) member who has been practising Nichiren Buddhism for over 35 years spoke about her struggles on the path of kosen-rufu and gaining victory through faith, inspiring the participants with her fighting spirit.

Sabah Selangor

At a discussion meeting held on June 17 at Block 4 in Ampang District of the Kuala Kedah Chapter in Kedah, young women’s division member shared about overcoming challenges she faced after completing secondary school.

Four days later in Penang, at a discussion meeting in Apollo District of Ong Yi How Chapter, WD member Cheah Ah Nya, who began practising in 1976, shared her inspiring experience that is the epitome of President Ikeda’s eternal guideline to Malaysia, “You must quietly and ceaselessly advance like the flowing water.”

At an English discussion meeting held on June 11 at Semabok Jaya in Melaka, men’s division members Teng Sin Kee and Alex Ang spoke about their struggles for kosen-rufu while in the young men’s division during the 1980s and 1990s. SGM young men’s division (YMD) vice-leader cum Southern Area YMD leader Dinesh Chandren encouraged those present to achieve victory in the 1233 New Dawn Block campaign, quoting passages from The New Human Revolution.

The discussions meetings were a fresh starting point for SGM’s activities for the second half of 2019, aiming for total victory in the New Dawn Block campaign.

Perak Melaka

Meanwhile, in Kedah on June 17, Block 4 from Ampang district (Kuala Kedah chapter) held the meeting too. In the meeting, YWD Eu En Chir from Bersatu district shared how she overcame her challenges after finishing secondary school.

In Penang, on June 21, Block 3 from Apollo district (Ong Yi How chapter) also held a 5535 discussion meeting. Cheah Ah Nya, a WD member who started practising Nichiren Buddhism in 1976 shared her experience on the path of faith which amazed many in the meeting. The participants were inspired by her undaunted spirit which accorded with one of the eternal guidelines given by President Ikeda to Malaysia: “You must quietly and ceaselessly advance like the flowing water.”

In Melaka, on June 11, 18 members gathered at Semabok Jaya block to hold the meeting. Mr Teng Sin Kee and Mr Alex Ang shared their struggles and victorious experiences of kosen-rufu during their youthful days during the 80’s. Southern state YMD leader Dinesh Chandren later encouraged the participants to spread happiness to oneself and others by using quotes from The New Human Revolution novel series.

Kedah Kuala Lumpur


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