SGM Holds World Ikeda Kayo-kai Commemorative Meeting Nationwide

30 Jun 2019

June 4 marks the anniversary of the SGI Ikeda Kayo-kai, a group made up of young women’s division (YWD) members that is found worldwide in the SGI. Throughout June, YWD members nationwide held joyful and inspiring meetings to commemorate this profoundly significant anniversary.

In his congratulatory message, SGI President Ikeda urged Kayo-kai members to “cheerfully engage yourselves in dialogues with heartfelt conviction with the people you encounter in the course of your daily life.” He further encouraged the members saying that “your words will never fail to penetrate deep into their hearts, illuminating them with the light of good fortune and wisdom. The seed of Buddhahood has already been sown in their hearts,” and the time will certainly come when these seeds will bear fruit.

Melaka Kuala Lumpur

In Melaka’s Bachang Chapter, ten YWD members held their Kayo-kai gathering on June 9, with Melaka Zone YWD leader Lee Cai Ying in attendance. One participant shared the early benefits of practising Buddhism and student division members shared about their struggles and expressed their determination to be victorious in their studies.

In Greater Kuala Lumpur Area’s Setapak Zone, gatherings were held in several venues, with some 40 YWD members attending. Speakers shared about the significance of kayo (literally flower-sun in Japanese) and other topics such as the Kayo-kai’s eternal guidelines, and the Gosho “On Establishing the Correct Teaching for the Peace of the Land.” They also held small group dialogues, inspiring each other with their experiences.

As the Soka Gakkai’s Women’s Division (WD) Day falls on June 10, some venues held combined YWD and WD gatherings to celebrate the two significant anniversaries.


In Kuantan, WD and YWD members held small group dialogues where participants discussed the challenges they were facing and mutually encouraged each other. They were urged to never abandon faith in the Gohonzon and the Soka Gakkai, and to always have hope.

In Sabah, 35 commemorative gatherings were held with over 700 people attending. Participants studied the “Bastion of Capable People” chapter of The New Human Revolution, and discussed how to strengthen their faith and attain absolute happiness. A WD member from Kota Kinabalu shared about how her son overcame his health problem that had existed since childhood through strong faith and abundant daimoku.

Kayo-kai sisters nationwide were full of joy and radiant smiles after attending these gatherings of “human flowers.”

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