SGM Holds “Seeds of Hope” Exhibition in School

21 Jun 2019

On June 20 and 21, 2019, SGM held the “Seeds of Hope” exhibition at SJKC Choong Chee in Hulu Yam Lama, Selangor, where twenty-six Primary 4 and 5 students narrated the contents of the exhibition. The exhibition coordinator also visited the kindergarten, which is part of the school, to explain the content with picture cards.

After viewing the exhibition, former principal Lee Swat Eyi and current principal Ooi Yeong Wen both expressed their gratitude to SGM for training the students to become narrators and remarked that the exhibition presented some important points such as humanism. Some students realised that they should start making positive changes to overcome their sense of powerlessness while some said that every creature on the planet are connected to each other and therefore they should also review their life styles and live in a way to prevent further damages.

In total, some 160 people, including parents, visited the exhibition and expressed their interest in environment-related issues.

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