SGM Celebrates May 5 High School Division Day

31 May 2019

Kuala Lumpur

In May 2019, SGM held May 5 High School Division Day (HSD) commemorative meetings around the country in over 20 venues. The participants learnt the significance of “many in body, one in mind” through studying SGI President Daisaku Ikeda’s Lectures on “The Heritage of the Ultimate Law of Life.” They also studied the history and spirit of Nanjo Tokimitsu, one of Nichiren Daishonin’s key disciples.

On May 1, SGM Kedah held the meeting at its culture centre. The persons-in-charge performed a drama on the life of Nanjo Tokimitsu to describe the faith of a “blue deeper than indigo.” Lam Chin Seng, one of the participants, said that he aims to be like Nanjo Tokimitsu through earnestly practising “faith like water” and the spirit of mentor and disciple, aspiring to become a model disciple of President Ikeda.

Later that week, on May 5, SGM Pahang HSD members gathered at their culture centre to celebrate the day. HSD members took on the role of emceeing the Soka Family Day event and sharing the great figures of the world section. Following Soka Day, the HSD meeting was held where participants discussed various topics such as karma and mission. They also studied the “Young Phoenixes” chapter (volume 9, chapter 2, SGM book 37) of The New Human Revolution, in which President Ikeda wrote about the HSD. Zone women’s division leader Yeap Bee Har later encouraged HSD members to realise their mission and strive to transform their karma.


Meanwhile in Penang, HSD members gathered at the Bukit Tambun Culture Centre on this day for the commemorative meeting. They watched a drama highlighting experiences mentioned in The New Human Revolution and shared their impressions after the show. They were able to realise the importance of reading The New Human Revolution and understand the significance of President Ikeda’s actions. 

Also on the same day, SGM Puchong Zone members (Greater Kuala Lumpur Area) celebrated this anniversary at the SGM Puchong Centre. On the Soka Day before this meeting, HSD members recited President Ikeda’s poem “Haha” (Mother) which touched many people’s hearts. Later, during the meeting, they played games which emphasised the importance of unity and realised their mission through studying the history of Nanjo Tokimitsu in small groups.


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