SGM Holds Qing Ming Gongyo Meetings

07 Apr 2019


In order to show respect and filial piety to our ancestors, SGM held solemn Qing Ming gongyo meetings in centres nationwide. The members recited the “Expedient Means” (2nd) and “Life Span” (16th) chapters of the Lotus Sutra and chanted Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, the essence of the Lotus Sutra, to repay their debts of gratitude to their deceased family members and kosen-rufu comrades and for them to attain Buddhahood.

The Greater KL Area held these meetings in conjunction with Soka Family Day on April 7, 2019. Meanwhile, earlier on April 3, SGM Sabah held the ceremony at its culture centre with some 300 members attending. Leaders quoted from the Gosho stating that as long as we practise Buddhism wholeheartedly and strengthen our faith, our deceased beloved ones will attain Buddhahood. Thus, the best way to repay debts of gratitude to the deceased is through striving for kosen-rufu.

Meanwhile, SGM Penang also held the meetings on April 6 at all three of its culture centres. At one of the venues, the leader quoted a Buddhist story in which a disciple of the Buddha saved his mother through sincere Buddhist practice, signifying that striving in practice for oneself and others enables our deceased loved ones to attain Buddhahood. 

Penang Selangor


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