TSS Children Visits MDPH

21 Mar 2019

From 19 to 21 March, 2019, 125 six-year-old children from Tadika Seri Soka (TSS) visited the SGM Mentor and Disciple Peace Hall (MDPH) in Wisma Kebudayaan SGM. This is their annual learning visit for the children who will be graduating later this year.

Under the guide of TSS teachers, the children first visited the “Our Beautiful Earth Photography Exhibition by Daisaku Ikeda” on the eighth floor to view photographs taken by SGI President Ikeda. The teachers used three languages – English, Mandarin and Malay – to narrate the stories behind the photos, which included famous landmarks such as the Niagara Falls, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Mt Fuji and the Himalayas. They learnt about importance values such as the spirit of never-giving-up in the face of obstacles. The teachers also told stories the children had previously heard in class to enable them to understand the messages behind the photos more easily.

The children then went to the Mentor and Disciple Peace Exhibition Hall to learn about the history of the Soka Gakkai and its three founding presidents. During this session, the children learnt the importance of peace and having dialogue whenever facing difficulties with others. They also learnt about President Ikeda’s global contributions to promoting peace, culture and education.

The children had a rewarding and fruitful learning adventure that will help develop their character as they move on to the next level of education. 

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