SGM Celebrates Chinese New Year with Joyful Gongyo Meetings

05 Feb 2019

In the lunar calendar, 2019 is the Year of the Golden Pig. People of Chinese ancestry worldwide, which includes a large portion of SGM members, celebrate this festive occasion, which is also known as the Spring Festival in other parts of the world.

On the first day of Chinese New Year (also known as Lunar New Year), which fell on February 5, SGM held more than 40 Lunar New Year gongyo meetings around the nation with some 15,000 people attending. The meetings began with rhythmic and resounding daimoku and gongyo praying for world peace and happiness for all humanity.

Kedah Kuala Lumpur

Thirty-one years ago on the same day, SGI President Ikeda made his maiden visit to Malaysia. To commemorate this day, SGM Kedah youth division members earnestly recited the poem presented by President Ikeda to Malaysia entitled “Youthful Country with a Shining Future.”

In Sabah, members of the youth division also did their best to entertain participants. The youthful emcees performed crosstalk while student division members put up a lion dance, in addition to songs and dances performed by others. Meanwhile in the historic city of Melaka, performers from various groups, including the junior division and Golden Age Group put up various scintillating shows which included modern and traditional dances.

Negeri Sembilan Penang

SGM Selangor took a different path, performing a skit titled “Mahjong Parlour”, which depicted how forebears from China travelled over the rough seas to Southeast Asia to eke out a better living. It also spoke about how hardship can be transformed into happiness through human revolution. Traditional Chinese music and dances, dragon and lion dances and also Bollywood dances were added into the performance to give the show an exciting climax.

During these meetings, a video featuring greetings from senior leaders of SGM was shown as well. SGM general director Koh Sia Feai sent his season’s greetings in a video message and encouraged members to live a victorious year. He also shared the three focus points for SGM this year: achieving the “New Dawn Block” nationwide, fostering capable youth and stirring great waves of reading The New Human Revolution. He urged the members to strive hard in creating another milestone in Malaysia’s kosen-rufu towards the 55th anniversary of Malaysian kosen-rufu and 35th anniversary of SGM’s establishment.

Perak Sabah


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