SGI Study Department Vice-leader Takano Conducts First Study Lectures in Malaysia

20 Jan 2019

The time for the sun of Buddhism to illuminate the world has arrived!

For both study lectures held on January 19 and 20, 2019, SGI President Ikeda sent his congratulatory regards, saying that “a wonderful time has now arrived, whereby courageous champions of Bodhisattvas of the Earth who share a profound karmic bond of mentor and disciple have appeared all at the same time around the world and youth with a noble vow have courageously arise. It is an era when we are producing a glorious profusion of “human flowers,” each unique and beautiful in their own way, like cherry, plum, peach, and damson blossoms. And the pioneers who are opening the way forward in this wonderful new era of kosen-rufu are none other than each and every one of you.”

The lectures were held at the SGM Culture Centre and were broadcasted live to 34 venues nationwide. In total, some 5,500 leaders attended the lectures conducted by SGI study department vice-leader Hideyuki Takano, who is here in Malaysia for the first time.

On the first day, Mr Takano quoted Gosho passages and SGI President Ikeda’s guidance to speak about the lineage of Buddhist humanism and stressed that now is the era where religions exist for the people. He further mentioned that based on the Buddhist spirit of compassion and infinite trust and respect for the Buddha nature inherent in all people are the two main points in achieving humanism.

On the second day, Mr Takano took the participants into the world of The Human Revolution and The New Human Revolution to experience the spirit of President Ikeda when writing these serialised novels. In this lecture themed “Living the Life of a Disciple with a Stand-alone Vow – On Studying The New Human Revolution,” Mr Takano urged the participants to study the novels repeatedly and engrave our mentor’s teaching and spirit in their lives, and eventually write a brilliant history of one’s own human revolution.

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