SGM Melaka and Penang Hold 2018 Peace Proposal Forums

01 Dec 2018

On November 30, 2018, the SGM Melaka student division held a Peace Proposal Sharing Forum at its culture centre. Before the sharing, youth division members energetically led the crowd in singing the 2017 Run for Peace theme song.

A panel of six youths spoke on the peace proposal titled Towards an Era of Human Rights: Building a People’s Movement. They spoke on current topics such as educational opportunities for migrant children, establishing a culture of human rights, the power of human rights education and abolishing nuclear weapons.  

2018 also marked the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Hence, the forum also spoke on possible ways to resolve global issues by centring on humanism. A total of 115 people attended this presentation.

Penang Melaka

Meanwhile on December 1, 2018, SGM Penang also held a Penang Peace Night at the SGM Penang Culture Centre. Eighty-five youth division members creatively presented the 2018 Peace Proposal by putting up a play, and at the same time discussed topics related to human rights, children and elderly people.

Furthermore, an award ceremony was also held to appreciate the efforts of and give out prizes to the performers. At the end, the 800-strong audience was able to realise that peace starts from oneself and that everyone has the power to change their surroundings..

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