SGM Perak Holds Joint Exhibition of Artists from China and Malaysia

24 Sep 2018

From September 21 to 24, 2018, together with Perak Art Society and Ipoh Calligraphy Society, SGM Perak organised the “Renowned Chinese Artist Bai Wenfu’s Chinese Ink Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition” at its culture centre. On hand to officiate the event was Deputy Speaker of Parliament YB Tuan Nga Kor Ming.

During the opening ceremony held on September 21, in his speech, SGM Perak Chairman Lai Soo Ha mentioned that in order to carry out the mission of strengthening humanism in society, SGM Perak will continue to expandg the network of peace so that its centre will flourish with the essence of culture and friendship.

Meanwhile, artist Bai Wen Fu also praised SGI President Ikeda for his efforts to promote world peace. He mentioned that arts and culture exchanges, such as those advocated by President Ikeda, is a bridge to connect humankind and build a peaceful environment. A first-rate art work has the power to transcend national boundaries, races and eras, and create touching and resonant moments.

In his speech, Tuan Nga agreed that culture activities can enhance the culture quality of the people. He said that Ipoh, Perak was once a cultural desert, but nowadays high quality artworks by local artists can be seen everywhere and he was deeply inspired by the growing number of cultural activities held in Ipoh.

For this exhibition, artist Bai Wen Fu donated 30 art pieces for charity, while Perak Art Society and Ipoh Calligraphy Society donated 60 and 30 artworks respectively for charity. The proceeds collected will be given to Yuk Choy High School, Pei Nan High School and Shen Jai High School to improve their school facilities.

Artist Bai was deeply engrossed in the style of architecture in Anhui, China. He often used Chinese ink and pastel colours to show the characteristic of the buildings, such as high walls and deep courtyards, black and white colours wharf walls, exquisite bricks and all kinds of sculptures. These were also the theme of this exhibition.

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