Tadika Seri Soka Holds Annual Graduation Camp

14 Jul 2018

On July 13 and 14, 2018, Tadika Seri Soka (TSS) held a graduation camp themed “Let’s protect our only home – Mother Earth” on its grounds. One-hundred and twenty-five six-year-old children learnt to become independent and protect Mother Earth through various activities and games. One of the objectives was to encourage the children to take initiatives in making new friends by helping each other when facing challenges.  

In the beginning of the first day, the children and their teachers set up tents and designed flags for each tent. Afterwards, the children immersed themselves in making Earth Day pledge crafts by creatively using carton boxes and plastic bottles, giving these recycled materials a brand new usage.

At night, when the camp fire was lit, the children indulged in singing and dancing happily with their friends. Later, they played games based on TSS founder Daisaku Ikeda’s children story The Princess of the Desert Kingdom that were designed by their teachers, in which they had to clear each station through unity among group members. For example, when facing the “Big Bad Wolf”, they roused the courage to rescue their friends; when blindfolded, they had to trust their friends to guide them to move around and together overcame all the obstacles.

The next day, more interesting activities were held and the children were more excited than the day before. In the “I can make my own healthy snack” session, they prepared breakfast by applying jam on bread and slicing bananas all by themselves. Next, they learnt how to “car pool”, make a terrarium and paint recycled bags. These activities taught them ways of protecting Mother Earth and its importance.

The graduating children carried out all activities which demonstrated how “strong, righteous and lively” children are supposed to be. As long as they uphold this spirit throughout their lives, they will eventually grow into capable people. 

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