SGM Selangor and Perak Organises “Building a Culture of Peace” Exhibition

07 Jun 2010

In conjunction with the peace drama entitled “Sadako-To Wish Upon a Crane” at the Civic Hall, Petaling Jaya, the SGM Selangor student division organised an exhibition “Building a Culture of Peace for the Children of the World” on June 7 and 8, 2010 to promote peace awareness among the public. This charity drama in aid of St John Ambulance of Malaysia is based on a true story of Sadako Sasaki (1943-1955), an atomic bomb victim in Hiroshima during World War II. Although diagnosed with leukaemia caused by the atomic bomb radiation, Sadako was determined to live, and this led her to fold a thousand cranes – according to legend, this would grant her a wish. Sadako kept folding cranes until she died, at 12 years of age. Henceforth a-thousand-paper-cranes became a symbol for peace.

UTAR, Perak Civic Hall, Petaling Jaya


SGM Perak held the same exhibition twice in June. The first one was held on June 22 to June 24, 2010 at the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) in conjunction with its “Counselling and Health Week”. The exhibition was organised by UTAR Counselling Department of the university in collaboration with Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia and SGM. The exhibition attracted about 700 teachers and students.

On June 30, 2010, SGM Perak extended the same exhibition to SJK (C) Sg Siput. Representing SGM Perak, Madam Fong Swee Lin in her speech during the opening ceremony said that war was created by human beings and likewise peace should also be fostered by mankind. She added that SGI President Ikeda has emphasised that peace is not just the absence of war. A truly peaceful society as one in which everyone can maximise their potential to lead fulfilling lives free from threats to their dignity. The school principal complimented SGM in the effort of educating the young people about peace, ideals of which future leaders should be endowed.

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