Kuala Lumpur High School Division Holds Appreciation Gatherings

21 Jan 2018

In order to enable High School Division (HSD) members to further deepen appreciation towards their parents and family members, the KL HSD held appreciation days in December 2017 and January this year. HSD members and their parents were invited to these gatherings.

Various activities were organised to enable the participants to have a joyous and meaningful experience, such as games, small group discussions, experience sharing and music performances. HSD members in Form 5 shared their dreams for the future, and a welcoming ceremony was held for Primary 6 students who would be entering secondary school.

On December 17, Kuala Lumpur Region 5 held their gathering at the SGM Culture Centre. Participants discussed their dreams and visions for the future and the importance of strengthening faith and the mentor-disciple bond throughout their lives. SGM HSD Young Women’s Leader Anna Kang performed a song My Future is Not a Dream as a means to encourage the HSD members present to boldly advance along the path of mission. Region Leader Tan Chee Wah was also on-hand to encourage the participants.

KL Region 5 KL Region 4

On January 21, KL Region 4 held its appreciation gathering, also at the SGM Culture Centre, with the theme “Who Will Decide My Future?” A talk on the relevance of religion in an era of science and technology was held.

Parents of the attendees took part in a separate discussion on nurturing their children’s dreams, while HSD members discussed about how they would like to see their parents support their aspirations. Both parties learnt from each other during the conclusion portion of this segment.

Andrew Tay, who entered Soka University Japan in March shared his experience of pursuing higher education, stating that one should not be afraid of facing obstacles when pursuing one’s dreams. Loh Wei Hong, a Soka University of America graduate urged the HSD members to always challenge themselves.

The parents present also sang a song to encourage their children, while Region Leader Ng Wai Kee offered encouragement, urging the HSD members to challenge their own human revolution.

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