Peace Exhibition Held in Sabah and Kedah Schools

20 Aug 2017

On August 20, SGM Sabah held the “Everything You Treasure – For a World Free from Nuclear Weapons” (EYT) exhibition at SMJK Yu Yuan in Sandakan to raise awareness on the importance of abolishing nuclear weapons.

Thirty-one SGM Sabah members narrated the exhibition in Mandarin and Malay to the viewers, speaking confidently about the threats nuclear weapons pose to humanity and how we can work towards their abolition.

Kedah Sabah

Close to 550 members of the school community, mainly its students, viewed the exhibition.

On the same day, the EYT exhibition was held at SK Seri Muda, Alor Biak, Kedah. Teachers interning at the school introduced the content of the exhibition to the students via slides and animations, receiving a positive response. The administration of the school lauded the exhibition, saying that it prompted students to take the initiative to learn more about nuclear weapons besides rousing their interest in reading up on such matters in the library. The exhibition was seen by 500 teachers and students.

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