SGM Penang FeiYang Holds Beethoven Concert

25 Dec 2016

On December 25, 2016, the SGM Penang Fei Yang Symphonic Band (PG FYSB) held a concert of Beethoven’s work at the SGM Penang Culture Centre. Titled “The Life of a Musician”, it was a mini sketch of the life of one of the greatest classical composers of all time. Beethoven lost his hearing at the age of 31, but was still able to create many great pieces that included symphonies and sonatas that are still popular today.

The concert aimed to achieve several objectives. First, it was to introduce SGM to the Penang music community. It was also aimed at enhancing the band members’ technical skills and appreciation of classical music. Finally, it aspired to enable the audience to enjoy and appreciate classical music even more.

The band performed seven pieces, including the allegro con brio (first movement) andante con moto (second movement) from Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, the “Egmont Overture” and “Ode to Joy” from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. A brass ensemble also presented Für Elise while a solo pianist and cellist presented the Moonlight Sonata. In addition to Beethoven’s work, the band also performed the third movement from Joseph Hadyn’s Trumpet Concerto, the largo (second movement) from Antonin Dvorak’s Ninth (New World) Symphony and Simitri Shoskatovich’s second waltz from “Suite for Variety Stage Orchestra.” The concert ended with a Christmas tune.

About 700 people attended the concert, with 100 members of the Penang music community present as well.

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