“Seeds of Hope” Exhibition at Secondary School in Kajang, Selangor

22 Jun 2010

The exhibition entitled “Seeds of Hope: Visions of sustainability, steps toward change” was held on June 22 to 24, 2010 at the school hall of SMJK Yu Hua Kajang, Selangor. It was co-organised by SGM, the Form Six Council and the counsellor club. SMJK Yu Hua is the first venue in Malaysia where this exhibition was displayed. Representing SGM was Madam Lim Hong Kuen, Chan Yin Kwan and Celyn Wong while the school was represented by school principal Mr Chan Kai Choon.

Jointly initiated by SGI and the Earth Charter International, the exhibition stresses our interconnectedness with the rest of the community of life and the need to broaden our sphere of compassion and concern. It encourages viewers to overcome feelings of powerlessness and highlights the fact that a single individual can initiate positive change.

The exhibition opening ceremony was held on June 22, 2010, attended by over 1,500 school children and teachers. In his speech during the opening, Principal Chan said that the world was experiencing climate change and our withering world is plagued with natural disasters, global warming, pollution and various diseases. “Due to this,” he lauded, “SGM is taking a pro-active approach and tirelessly working to promote greater awareness about such issues through exhibitions such as this.”

In conjunction with the opening, SGM also present forty books to the library of the school, including several books on peace and education authored by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda.

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